Flexible Membership Solution

With Kirby Klub your customers will become members of your website.
It is a flexible toolkit that allows you to add member-exclusive content and enable one-time and recurring payments via Stripe.

Accept Payments

Once you connect your Stripe account to Kirby Klub, your members can purchase your one-time products and recurring subscription offers.
Stripe's Test Mode allows you to set up different environments for development and production.

Exclusive Content

Kirby Klub simplifies content access for purchase-making members. Within the Panel, you can set up fine-grained permissions for your pages, files, and blocks.
Only members who own the matching product or subscription can access that content.

Flexible Integration

Kirby Klub is not a theme that works out of the box.
You stay in full control over your content structure.
The plugin integrates into your existing design with basic if-clauses and core Kirby CMS features such as snippets, blueprint fields and hooks.

Try the Demo

Sign up for free and browse the demo to see most of the features in action. But please remember that Kirby Klub is not a theme, and your website can look and behave differently than the demo.

Try the Demo

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