Welcome Members to your Website

The Klub plugin allows you to add members with subscriptions and one-time product purchases to your existing Kirby CMS project. It uses Stripe as its payment gateway.

Feature Spotlight

  • 👤 Automatic creation of Kirby CMS accounts for members
  • 🔗 Members can log in without a password using a "magic link" sent via email
  • 🔁 Members can subscribe to plans via Stripe
  • 🛍 Members can purchase one-time products via Stripe
  • 🔑 You can set permissions on Pages/Files/Block to which plan they are available from within the Panel
  • 🗃 You can add custom fields to the member blueprint and define read/write permissions
  • 🙈 You can use allows/disallows-helpers to check permissions within your PHP code
  • and more
  • 🧱 Can be used to create Paywalls

The documentation explains how to use additional features specific to certain membership setups, such as protecting forms with CAPTCHA or tracking progress in courses and lessons.

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